Mark Reedy

Mark Reedy


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About Mark Reedy

A man of many talents, Chicago-born Mark Reedy, could have been a great cartoonist... Everyone said so. The problem was, he was funnier than his creations.

He could have been an outstanding teacher for the hearing impaired like his mother... Everyone said so. But those who could hear his jokes told him that comedy was his future.

He did become an educator for Paul Mitchell products and is still a top-notch hair designer... Everyone said so. It was his salon that discovered, through the captive audiences listening to his non-stop, hilarious monologues, that Mark Reedy could also be one terrific comedian.

The result has been many TV spots on Showtime, MTV, A&E, and HBO, among others, as well as opening for Marsha Warfield, Redd Foxx, Patty Labelle and Kool and the Gang.

Mark Reedy... a multi-faceted comic who finds the absurd in the most obvious places... reality! EVERYONE SAYS SO! And THEY ought to know!