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Jim Breuer
Jim Breuer
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About Jim Breuer
A stand-up comedian since his high school days at Valley Stream Central High School in NY, Jim Breuer worked in comedy clubs around the country for several years before deciding to become a regular on the New York comedy club circuit. After being in New York for only seven months, he landed a gig on the nationally syndicated show, "Uptown Comedy Club," where he spent two seasons. In 1995, Jim joined NBC’s "Saturday Night Live," becoming best known for his original character "Goat Boy" and his impression of actor Joe Pesci.

After a four-year stint on "SNL," Jim starred in the movie "Half Baked" alongside Dave Chappelle. That summer, MTV also invited the comedian to co-host the popular show "MTV’s Beach House." Additional appearances include numerous stints on NBC’s "Late Night with Conan O’Brien," as well as roles in several movies, such as "Dick" (1999), "Beer League” (2006), and most recently, "The Zookeeper" (2010) with Kevin James. Jim Breuer pioneered the "heavy-metal comedy" revolution, combining his love of rock ’n’ roll with comedy backed by a full band. Jim continues to entertain packed crowds with his impressions of AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and Metallica singing "If You’re Happy and You Know It." It was this act that garnered him one of Comedy Central’s "100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time."

In 2004, Jim began his career at Sirius Satellite Radio as the host of his own show "Breuer Unleashed" on RawDog 104. In 2009, the show was renamed as "Fridays with Breuer" which airs every Friday on Sirius RawDog 104 and XM 150 from 4pm-6pm, rebroadcasted 9pm-11pm. In 2006, Jim was the host of the VH-1 series "Web Junk 20," in which 20 hilarious online-based videos per week were shown. In 2008, Jim set out for his first tour in over six years. With his 85-year-old father and his film crew, Jim toured the country in tour buses on his "Breuniversity Tour," which included more than 20 colleges and comedy clubs and was used his "Jim Breuer Road Journals." Videos from that tour also sparked the making of his documentary "More Than Me," which was shown at the 2009 Montreal Film Festival. On July 25, 2009, Jim’s one-hour Comedy Central special "Let’s Clear the Air" premiered, with hilarious topics that included what "success" really is, Jim’s SNL days, and life with his elderly parents, his wife, and his three daughters. "Let’s Clear the Air" became one of the highest rated comedy special EVER! Jim has also supported various charities through his comedy, including the Chris Farley Foundation, MusiCares, his local police and fire departments and more. Jim currently resides in New Jersey enjoying spending time with his family, playing pick-up games of baseball, softball, and wiffleball, and watching the New York Mets.