What The Funny Presents: These Fools Funny

What The Funny Presents: These Fools Funny


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About What The Funny Presents: These Fools Funny

Our shows at the Funny Bone we will be following all required/recommended practices set by the CDC and state health department. As well as extra precautions to make everyone safe and comfortable.

- All customers and staff will be required to wear masks at all times. Customers may remove masks when seated to eat and drink.
- All customers will have their temperature taken before they enter
- All seating as been separated/divided to comply with the 6-foot rule. Installed plexiglass on showroom tiers to create barriers.
- We will have controlled foot traffic through the whole club with Exit/Entry only pathways.
- Our Showroom and bathrooms will be fogged with a sanitizing fogger machine after every show.
- We will have hand sanitizer stations throughout the whole club
- We have removed our physical menus with mobile ones and are using 80% disposable dishware