TK Kirkland: Legends Don't Give a F#uck!

TK Kirkland: Legends Don't Give a F#uck!


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About TK Kirkland: Legends Don't Give a F#uck!

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TK Kirkland’s “Are There Any Questions”,an Image entertainment release, was Amazon’s number 1 selling standup comedy DVD for two months running. TK has built a nationwide following from his tour hosting work for the likes of 50 Cent, Eminem and Madonna.When 50 Cent needed a foil for his video release of his hit record “Window Shopper” it was TK Kirkland who got the call. Mr. Kirkland has been the Comedy circuits best kept secret for a decade now. Long known as the “Gangsta of Comedy” no less a personage than Jaime Foxx sang his praises on his Showtime Comedy Special going so far as to perform his own impression of TK. Laffapalooza the Showtime DVD Label. TK has worked as a host on BET’s “MAD SPORTS” appeared numerous times on “Comicview Not since TK was the morning Host on radio HOT 97 in New York has he been this busy. At that time Mr. Kirkland was substituting for Ed Lover. Over the years he has co-starred with Mike Epps and Vin Diesel’s “STRAYS”. Spike Lee’s production of Universal Pictures critically acclaimed "New Jersey Drive".

In addition to maintaining his schedule of regular live appearances at theaters, concerts and nightclubs around the country, TK has made a numerous television guest appearances over the years.Including presenting his longtime friend and colleague, Martin Lawrence a special award on Don Cornelius's prime time special "The Soul Train Comedy Awards Show." He was also one of the nominees in the Best New Male Comedian category.T K first came to national attention when he and his comedy were featured on HBO's "MO FUNNY" a History of Black Comedy In America. HBO gave recognition to the fact that Mr. Kirkland is one of the most important and influential comedians working in comedy today.T K has enjoyed national notoriety before as a track and field star. He was a graduate student at the University of Arizona, when an injury prevented him from participating in the Olympics in 1984. In an effort to console him, many of his college teammates told him his real future was in comedy. It was a chance meeting with Eddie Murphy that finally inspired him to try stand-up as a profession.He moved to Compton, California and set about working in Los Angeles's comedy clubs, including the Comedy Store, The Improv and Igby's, but it was his performances in the rising black comedy scene where he first made a name for himself.

Working at The Comedy Act Theatre in the Crenshaw district of South Los Angeles, he came to the attention of Robin Harris who took him under his wing. With Robin's strong support and guidance TK quickly became a popular regular at the Club.TK says. "I dealt with the realities of the male/female relationship," and here he pauses, "Graphically." "All else pales in comparison to the Comedy Store's most outrageous act, T K Kirkland, a Monday night regular. His act centered entirely on oral sex. People were rolling in the aisles," as The Los Angeles Times so willingly attests."I realized then that I had to expand my range to include cleaner material, I wanted to be able to perform for anyone anywhere. A year later I did a special charity event with MC Hammer to help keep kids stay in school, I got a standing ovation from the kids and the parents and a look of shocked amazement from the entertainers on the show, they were surprised that I could be just as funny working clean." T K Kirkland now says proudly.His first big break came when his Compton neighbor,Eazy-E , put him on a national tour with the rap group NWA. He caused a sensation, never before had a comedian drawn as much publicity and controversy on a music tour.He continued working as an MC / Comedian for such music act's as Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, Tina Marie and The Hammer, taking time off to perform in Robert Townsend's HBO Special, and working with Tommy Chong and Rae Don Chong in Far Out, Man. After seeing him perform at a concert, Sinbad asked him to appear on NBC's "Showtime At The Apollo."For TK this was truly a special event,"I grew up in Jersey City and went to the Apollo. Nothing I had ever done before or since gave me more satisfaction than getting a standing ovation on that show."

Since then TK has been working around the country developing an underground following and honing his skills in comedy.Mr.Kirkland, having worked with people and groups like Ice Cube, Rude Boys, Public Enemy and having appeared in music video's by such recording artists as 2nd To None and AMG he feels particular affection for the Rap and Hip Hop scenes."It's our music, it tells it the way it is, it's notpretty and it's not watered down it's straight and hardcore, it tells the truth which is what I try to do with my comedy," TK volunteers.