My Cousin Tiera

My Cousin Tiera


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About My Cousin Tiera

“My Cousin Tiera”
Tiera O’Leary

Tiera is a standup comedian born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Illinois. She’s known for making the world laugh via her viral videos on Facebook and Instagram. She is more than just an Internet sensation. From the first time she touched the mic in 2016, she’s been rocking shows all across the Midwest. She takes pride in her raw and relatable comedy and she’s a great storyteller. She has shared the stage with a variety of established comedians such as Damon Williams, Bill Bellamy, Melanie Cormacho, TK Kirkland, etc. She advanced as a FINALIST with outstanding numbers in Kenan Thompson’s “Road to New York” comedy competition, and the list goes on. Her relatability and catchy phrases are guaranteed to make you laugh.