Affirmative Distraction

Affirmative Distraction


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About Affirmative Distraction

You can purchase a single person shared table, 2 person shared table or a 4 person table***.
You cannot choose where you sit. The closer you purchase tickets to the on-sale date, the closer you are likely to be to the stage, although this is not a guarantee.
Some of our seating requires you to use stairs. Please call the box office in advance if you require easy access seating.
We will automatically seat reservations together that have the same first and last name. If you wish to sit with another party, you must call the box office at least 24 hours advance.
***Please note that some of our 4 person tables are connected to others. You must call the box office in advance if you wish to be excluded from this possibility.

Affirmative Distraction is an all black improv show where everything is made up on the spot based on your suggestions. The crazier the suggestions, the funnier we are! It's just like Whose Line is it Anyway with a splash of Wild 'N Out, and no two shows are the same!

To start our 2023 Season, we’re celebrating Joe and C10's birthdays! Make sure you get your ticket and come enjoy yourselves.