Noel Miller: New Supply

Noel Miller: New Supply


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About Noel Miller: New Supply

You can purchase a single person shared table, 2 person shared table or a 4 person table***.
You cannot choose where you sit. The closer you purchase tickets to the on-sale date, the closer you are likely to be to the stage, although this is not a guarantee.
Some of our seating requires you to use stairs. Please call the box office in advance if you require easy access seating.
We will automatically seat reservations together that have the same first and last name. If you wish to sit with another party, you must call the box office at least 24 hours advance.
***Please note that some of our 4 person tables are connected to others. You must call the box office in advance if you wish to be excluded from this possibility.

Noel Miller's biting one-liners and topical social commentary has made him a force to be
reckoned with in the comedy world. Between directing, touring, podcasting, music and
streaming, Noel's rise has been nothing short of meteoric. In addition to starring in popular
YouTube series That's Cringe, and comedy duo + podcast Tiny Meat Gang with fellow comedian
Cody Ko, Noel has created successful series' on his own including his format around hit British
Reality show Love Island. His broad reach has landed him deals with companies such as
SeatGeek and Old Spice, as well as solo comedy gigs across the country. Noel has also found
success as a filmmaker, being the creative mind behind Tiny Meat Gang's hit music videos
including Walk Man, which has garnered over 19 million views, and their recent releases, Broke
Bitch, Daddy and Sofia, which have collectively gathered 20M+ views. Outside of music, Noel
recently released his first short film, Suki, a dark comedy about a relationship between a
detective and a serial killer. Additionally, Noel has recently leaned into streaming, resulting in a
rapidly growing Twitch following. He can be found racing on his driving simulator against pro
Formula 1 drivers, or playing games such as Call of Duty: Warzone.