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Kelly Kellz


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About Kelly Kellz

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HBO's All Def Comedy Comedian, Mrs. Kelly "Kelly Kellz" Davis (B.S.) has been living her dream of "Bringing laughing to the soul" since 2009 after moving her family to New York to pursue comedy full time. Aside from doing comedy shows and hosting events all over the nation, from Black College Homecomings to Broadway Stages, Kelly partnered with Milwaukee Health Services and the NFL Crucial Catch Initiative, to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and the importance of early screenings. She also joined the Greek Comedy Tour in 2016, touring the country with her peers / colleagues, encouraging members of Black Greek-letter organizations to challenge negative stigmas regarding Greek life, and promoting college graduating especially. She is also apart of Funny By Nature Comedy tour presented by Vivica A. Fox. In 2017, Kelly made her first television debut appearing on HBO's All Def Comedy. Most recently, Kelly performed at the Symphony Space Theater on Broadway, in New York. Her comedic abilities have also spilled over into the film industry. Disconnection, for instance, will be aired during the American Black Film Festival in 2019, and Role Play is currently on Amazon Prime.

Kelly is known for offering comedic relief in response to both the profane and the scared, complex, intersecting realties that define the lives of Black women and families. She destigmatizes Black women of, in her words, "blessed proportions," who perform sex-positive identities; she affirms the strength of Black women and Black men, while also underscoring the importance of the Black American trope of "signifying," which is historically integral to the Black expressive tradition; she even has a way of holding her audience transfixed and overcome with laughter when lamenting the challenges of juggling motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship. Kelly has been blessed to share the stage with legends such as Dick Gregory, Mike Epps, Rickey Smiley, Katt Williams, and a host of other legendary comedians. She is fearless on stage and has the natural talent of enlivening any atmosphere.