Rod Paulette

Rod Paulette


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About Rod Paulette

All comedy careers begin in the same fashion: A dare, an inflated ego and free drinks.
His comedy is a blend of clever. observations, biting sarcasm, and life experiences.
Rod Paulette started of to be an actor. He majored in theater at Providence College but after two years he transferred to Columbia College. There he received a BFA in Directing for Film. While in Chicago, Rod was bitten by the stand-up comedy bug. After a brief stint in advertising, countless open mics and bad advice from friends he hit the road.

For the last fifteen years Rod Paulette has made his living as a professional stand-up comedian, touring clubs and colleges across the United States and a week or two in England. He has appeared on Evening at the Improv, Showtime's Comedy Club Network, Comedy Centrals Short Attention Span Theater and Premium Blend. In 1995 Rod was one of the "new faces" at the Aspen Comedy Festival.

His film credits include the feature film "Jacked" for Lion's Gate Pictures and "Turkey Day" a IFC short film.