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Ever since New York native ARIES SPEARS was 14 years old, he has been a force to be reckoned with on the comedy scene. His quick wit, charisma and ferociously aggressive style of comedy have earned him critical acclaim, high accolades, and above all, a busy schedule. With eight years as a principle player on the popular sketch show, “Mad TV,” ARIES is now starring with iconoclastic Damon Wayans in a brand-new show on Showtime called “THE UNDERGROUND”, a half-hour sketch comedy series to premiere on the network September 14th.
Referring to the riotous, groundbreaking ’90s sketch comedy show that launched careers for him, his siblings, Wayans says of “THE UNDERGROUND.” “It’s ‘In Living Color’ on steroids…it will be everything we weren’t allowed to do on broadcast television.” Dean Lorey (“My Wife and Kids”) directs Wayans and fellow writer/ensemble cast members, including Groundlings players Edi Patterson and Mikey Day (“Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out”), and Damon Wayans Jr., among others. While the show features recurring sketch characters, parodies of pop culture and a new generation of sketch performers alongside Damon, it also features more sketches filmed outside the studio along with an eclectic mix of dance, music, and other visual arts used as interstitial moments. There are also some fly-on-the-wall glimpses into behind-the-scenes moments showing how this show is put together and how the sketches develop.
ARIES has also found great success in the world of feature films. At the age of 17, after being spotted in a comedy club, Aries landed a part in the movie “Home of Angels” which also starred Abe Vigoda and Sherman Helmsley. He then appeared in “OUT OF SYNC,” and portrayed Red Foxx in Warner Brothers’ “WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE.” In addition, he starred alongside John Leguizamo in TriStar’s “THE PEST” and delivered his most notable performance to date as Cuba Gooding Jr’s brother in Columbia’s blockbuster hit “JERRY MAGUIRE” directed by Cameron Crowe. Last year, Aries was featured in the film “JIMINY GLICK IN LALAWOOD.” The movie also starred Martin Short and Janeane Garafolo. In the movie, Aries was able to show off his impressive improv abilities, as the movie was nearly all improvisation.
Aries has received accolades for his hit comedy album, I AIN’T SCARED. The album, recorded live at the world famous Icehouse in Pasadena, California, is a two-disc set, one with an hour of brilliant stand-up, the other with prank phone calls (way beyond and hipper than the Jerky Boys!).
As a principal cast member on Fox’s hit, sketch comedy show, “MAD TV,” ARIES brought a fresh, hip style to the already edgy show. The producers made full use of many of ARIES’ talents by calling on him frequently to write sketches and create new hilarious characters. Among the many recurring characters that Aries was famous for on the show include; MOTHER LOVE, THE KLUMP FAMILY, El DIABLO NEGRO and TALKIN’ AMERICAN. Aries also boasted a number of uproarious impersonations on the show that include James Brown, Al Pacino, and his childhood idol Eddie Murphy. The ARIES-branded sketch, “Talkin’ American” was “MAD TV’S” most popular bit the minute it hit the airwaves, keeping fans tuned in, and boosting “MAD’S” Saturday night ratings impressively. Aries can be seen in guest appearances on Fox’s “THE BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD” where he has created some of the show’s funniest characters.
ARIES was born April 3, 1975 in Manhattan, New York, Midtown. He remembers at the young age of 6 being the funnyman of the household and impersonating family members at the dinner table during holidays. By age 14, Aries was belting out his fresh comedy stylings in front of paying audiences at local clubs around his hometown. Shortly thereafter, he appeared on Russell Simmons’ “DEF COMEDY JAM” on HBO and “SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO.” From then on, the word was out about the prodigal superstar and in 1992, ARIES moved to Los Angeles. He quickly landed a recurring role on NBC’s “A DIFFERENT WORLD,” and was signed to a huge development deal at one of the major television studios. The following year, Aries starred in the short-lived CBS’ series “SOUTH OF SUNSET” with former Eagles’ guitarist, Glenn Frey. Although the series didn’t last long, it did not discourage other networks from tapping ARIES’ talents for their projects. He appeared in “CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC” and “BRISCO COUNTY JR.” for Fox. ARIES’ fierce momentum landed him on “MAD TV” as a series regular where he has been for the past eight seasons.
ARIES continues to spread his comedic wings as an in-demand headliner at comedy clubs across the country. Additionally, ARIES has made appearances on many talk shows including; LOVELINE, VIBE, KEENEN IVORY WAYANS, SOULTRAIN and FRIDAY NIGHT. He has also lent his voice to an animated character on C-BEAR & JAMAL.
ARIES maintains a strong connection to his African roots and is involved in many charitable events including a number of organizations that help abused women. He feels blessed to have been able to achieve everything that he has by the very young age of 32, but he in no way intends on stopping here. Given the extreme growing success rate of action comedies coming out of Hollywood, it’s safe to say that ARIES SPEARS will be in demand for quite some time.