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Therapy Gecko


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About Therapy Gecko

Lyle created his channel in October 5, 2011. He uploaded his first video, a comedy skit titled "Doritos", in February 18, 2012. Up until 2020 he would upload variety comedy and commentary with his friends.

In March 22, 2020, he uploaded his first video in his iconic gecko costume. It was a comedic short titled "HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP", it was about him evading a man named Curtis who 'liked to have sex with his birds and lizards'. He would start his Therapy Gecko streams a month later, and highlights of those streams is now what he mainly uploads.

His Therapy Gecko series is about him receiving calls from his viewers, where they would have an impromptu therapy session. Viewers can either be serious in their calls or just tell a joke story, either way Lyle will respond as seriously as possible. Therapy Gecko is his most popular series of streams and videos. Many rappers such as Lil Yachty and Zack Fox had been guest geckos in his streams. He also had Dr. Drew Pinsky, a real medical specialist, as a guest gecko.